Real Science Hacked

It appears that someone has got control of the Real Science Blog and posted an announcement of Steve Goddard's death at the age of 81.

From what I can tell from posts on the likes WUWT, the person going under the name of Steven Goddard is fine but has lost access to his own blog for now at least. I hope he gets it back soon.

The hacked site claims that there will be no posts today out of respect so it will be interesting to see what if anything is posted tomorrow if the hackers still have access. Comments to the site are moderated so news of the hack and the true state of Steve's well being never appear. It must be weird seeing your own messages of condolences.

I immediately suspected something was amiss as the announcement claimed Steve Goddard was a scientist, and I'm not being unkind but as far as I know he has never claimed to be a scientist.


  1. I've been laughing for the last few hours over this. WTFWT comments are priceless. As far as I can see it's business as usual at Goddard's - someone went insane and posted lies....

  2. Goddard said "Basically,someone I trusted went insane and took control of the site" Probably himself.

  3. Yes I see normal service of denial (rather than denial of service) has been resumed.

    So it wasn't really a hack, and I have always suspected that with so many posts per day there was more than one Steven Goddard, perhaps this was one of them?

    Pity that Goddard's apparent resurrection hasn't resulted in any more sense, just the usual nonsense.