Normal Service Has Been Resumed

After the hack at Steven Goddard Orwellian named 'Real Science' web site that resulted in no posts for several days, normal service has been resumed.

The latest post still rejects science and rationality. It still denies global warming is happening. It still promotes conspiracies including '“Global Warming” to scare the masses and make lots of money while controlling nations'.

The only real difference is that this post isn't from the guy who calls himself Steven Goddard, he still seems to have lost control of his domain, but by someone calling themselves Richard Garwin.

There is a rather eminent physicist called Richard Garwin, now 84 years old, and a Board member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, but this clearly isn't Goddard's hacker.

The post has received quite a lot of interest form Goddard's usual commenters but they seem unhappy with it for some reason and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Perhaps this Richard Garwin is slightly more extreme in his conspiracy theories with talk of Elitists, Weather Control and UFOs, but it hardly makes less sense that Goddard's 'Birther' conspiracies for example. But what is assured is that their ability to think rationally remains just as impaired;

'Ano' suspects the hack could be down to the warmists;
I would suspect it might be a guy from Desmog Blog. This is their kind of thing
 'Dave Burton' agrees;
I suspect that the person impersonating Richard Garwin is a climate alarmist having some fun at skeptics’ expense.

Meanwhile, normal service has been resumed by Steve Goddard himself over at his old Worprdpress blog where his own anti-science, conspiracy theory nonsense continues.

Unfortunately so does the nonsense that the hack was an attack carried out by the warmists, 'ntesdorf' says:
Dirty tricks are all that the Warmists really know.
  And 'Rogelio' says:
I still think that that site was stolen because it is and was really doing major damage to the AGW. I cannot possibly contemplate any other reason
Apparently it was even believed that Richard Garwin the physicist, was responsible for the hack, 'foxgoose' says;
Is he really a Board Member of the Union of Concerned Scientists?
Obviously they’re a lot more “concerned” than we thought.

 All this despite Goddard's best efforts and continued claims that this incident has nothing to do with either. You really could not make this stuff up.

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  1. The mask has slipped - all this shows clearly what a bunch of tin-foil-hatters they are.

    I never realised Goddard was a 'birther', I wonder what other bizarre conspiracy theories he subscribes to?