Well It Had To Happen

It appears that many of the comments I make to Real Science do not appear and some that had appeared are now removed - I suspect I have been banned for talking sense.

Steve Goddard has said plenty his own blog on the subject of censorship and banning debate and that turns out to be one of the finest examples of Hypocrisy anyone will ever have seen.


  1. Me too now. I had the temerity to ask whether he had permission to discuss someone else's private tragedy in this shitty little post here.


    I honestly don't see how he could have come across that article he links without obsessively Googling names. And what the hell business is it of his or ours?

  2. Odd that a man who seems determined to wipe out knowledge wholesale on Wikipedia ,should have the temerity to call Steve Goddard a hypocrite with regard to censorship! Is it not true that you were banned , albeit for a short time, from editing Wikipedia because you set out to expunge all any any criticism of your warmmongering theories? As hypocrites go , you should take a good look in the mirror.
    I have enjoyed reading your writings though , very humorous,and well written,it is just a shame you appear to have these strange fascistic tendencies towards book burning.

    1. What a confusing post. I really hope you de reply to explain it a bit better.

      Firstly my ability to post was restricted, i was effectively prevented from commenting and being allowed the right of reply. That is by most peoples definition a ban. It is not as if I have been the only one. Others including posters to here have had similar experiences.

      Secondly and most confusingly, what are the references to Wikipedia about? I have never edited, wanted or tried to edit Wikipedia. Are you sure you have the right person or have you confused me with someone else?

      So if I'm promoting free speech and complaining about censorship, and have never tried to "wipe out knowledge wholesale", how does that make me have "strange fascistic tendencies"?

  3. I'd like to add my confirmation of this behavior on Mr. Goddard's part. I demolished some of the usual denier lies on a the Discovery News website, which prompted somebody to post a nasty article about how stupid I am on Mr. Goddard's website. Of course, the writer made no attempt to address my demolition of his point -- he just wanted to go someplace warm and friendly where his friends could join him in cursing me.
    Here's the cute thing: when I posted a rebuttal citing the evidence to support my argument, it didn't show up on Mr. Goddard's blog. I tried four more times, each time altering the wording so as to insure that I wasn't triggering some spam filter, and not one of my responses appeared on his blog.

    So I can join you as somebody who has been blocked by Mr. Goddard. He doesn't seem to be able to handle disagreement, does he?