Steve Goddard Caught Lying?

To my recollection I have never directly called anyone a liar on any of the forums or blogs I have posted on as such terms prove too emotive which tends to get in the way of mature discourse. But have I caught Steve Goddard of Real Science in a bare faced lie?

In my last post I showed how Goddard's foolish attempts to slag of Prof. James Hansen backfired as it would seem Hansen made the correct call some 26years ago. I visited Goddard's post to reveal this with a link to my analysis, and no doubt embarrassed he responded with;
"I have never visited your blog"
Which is a rather strange thing to say since as a response to a post where I caught him doctoring maps he responded with a post on his own blog called 'Enough Is Enough' where he claimed that I had 'written thousands and thousands of lines all over the Internet' and he emailed me directly calling me 'scum' and a 'liar' as reported here.

  • How did he reach his conclusions without ever reading what they were? 
  • How did he get my contact information without visiting the blog he claims to have never visited?

I suppose someone could have told him what my post contained and gave him the contact information, which would mean that he resorted to name calling based on hearsay. Far worse than lying in my book and someone who would do that would certainly be capable of lying too.

Or perhaps he just forgot he did. That would surprise me in the light of the embarrassing climb down he had to do when someone else realised his maps were botched and he crossed out what he said about me and issued a correction for his post. You'd think he be likely to remember doing that.

So have I caught Steve Goddard telling porkies? The evidence strongly suggests I have.

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