CENSORED and BANNED! Well It Had To Happen

It appears that any comments I make to Real Science do not now appear - I suspect I have been banned for talking sense but maybe there is a technical issue let me just check....

Nope, my comments are no longer appearing and some have disappeared.

It seems to have occurred while commenting on this post which I covered in my own post here. In his comments I compared Steve Goddard's cherry picking of record high temps to claim that summers were actually cooling to measuring the time of a journey by only the fasted speed.

One of his acolytes, miked1947, was not happy with my analogy. He then went on to say some really strange things like,
“If we have more days below 90 degrees now than we did then, it is getting cooler” 
Suggesting if we had 1 day above 90 and 99 at 60 then that would be warmer than 100 days at 89 and,
“If I wanted to know whether it was warmer or cooler I would want the average temperature for all the Summers. Because they only provide MAX, MIN and MEAN,”
Clearly he had not quite grasped the definition of MEAN!

After a little polite back and forth miked1947 basically, if unintentionally agreed with me about Goddard's graph by claiming that MAX and MIX were not suitable measures to determine anything significant about temperature trends - while I might not completely agree with what he said he had painted himself into a position where like me he must surely disagree with Goddard's use of maximum temperatures to make his cooling claim.

So I replied asking him why he was explaining this to me and not to Steve Goddard. My comment appeared, the the next day it was gone. I posted the comment again in case there was a technical issue the first time but nothing appeared at all. A test post on another thread of Real Science had the same result - the comment I typed did not appear - I had been banned!

 NOTE: The actual publishing of this post has been delayed for a while because when I double checked to see if my posts would appear some then did including the response to miked1947 mentioned above - which has not been replied to. But currently nothing is appearing. I can't actually ask Goddard if it is now his policy to restrict my comments, as I currently can't comment. If I get some sort of response I will update this post and apologise if it is simply a technical with the Wordpress site.

However it does seem a rather innocuous comment to get quietly banned without ceremony from a site considering I have had Steve Goddard in full name calling mode at me only to have him realise I was right and he was wrong, and issue a retraction.

So perhaps getting one of his minions logic turned around where he had to agree with me was just a final straw, or perhaps it was what I said about his 'birther' beliefs in another thread as I noticed my comment has also vanished from there as well. Actually Steve Goddard has been very sly about this because he has not deleted any of my comments that were replied too, only ones that had no reply giving the impression that I either had no interest in the subject or that I could not think of anything reply.

I wonder what Goddard has said in his own blog on the subject of censorship and banning debate? Well that may make another post.


  1. One shouldn't be surprised. Dissenting opinions (those consistent with climate science) are suppressed there.

    The same happened to me and a good portion of my last post was cut with the statement concerning Goddard's reporting growth in Arctic ice then being used to accuse me of "lying."

    The omitted section, which included the link to Goddard's claim, was:

    Here's the link to which I was referring: http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/ice-gain-since-yesterday/

    The losses for 8/22, 8/23, and 8/24 on JAXA were 76,250 sq km, 119,219 sq km, and 128,281 sq km respectively. The losses on NSIDC for 8/22 and 8/23 (8/24 isn't in yet) were 40.750 sq km and 100,190 sq km respectively.

    The point is that just as the pronouncement about growing ice proved premature, the idea that the current melt season "is about to end" will very likely prove premature. When the minimum is reached in September, both the JAXA and NSIDC figures will likely be below 4 million sq km for the first time on record.


    1. I think climate deniers are really having a hard time recently with Prof. Muller apparently switching side, some very extreme weather and now the Arctic sea ice collapse after a near normal extent in winter. So they are very much striking out where they still can.

      Strange thing is that some posts get through which often, but not always, disappear. But it is a big disincentive to post anything substantial.

  2. He has a pattern of labelling any posts that disagree with him as spam, and eventually he'll delete all of them.

    Unfortunately he uses a system that is so basic that he doesn't even check to see if the emails of his posters are even valid or even exist.

    It's quite easy to get around this and keep posting by putting in a bogus name and bogus email. I've done this so many times that the cycle is completely the same.

    1. That might account for some posts getting through while others do not. I do realise that I could still post by registering as different people by why bother, clearly censorship is his last defence or more like no defence as the argument and the moral ground has been lost.

    2. I'm on my sixth cycle of banning/deletion. It's quite convenient how he not only bans you, but deletes your posts so he can delete any opposing data that shows him to be wrong.

    3. Strange thing still seems to be that I have been able to post some stuff, though a comment disappeared yesterday.