Even Half a Brain Makes You Over Qualified

The globe isn’t warming any more.

This may have come as a shock to anyone with a brain but it's true. I know you might be wondering about certain facts you may have heard like the Global temperature from GISS, HADCRUT , RSS, UAH and BEST all showing a long term warming trend or that nine of the 10 hottest years occurred since 2000.

But don't let all that empirical evidence and your common sense get in the way, the globe isn't warming anymore because it says so in a recent Real Science post. To comment and suggest this claim is a joke means, according the great intellectual Mr. Goddard, that you only have half a brain.

Then again perhaps Goddard is wrong (yet again) and having even half a brain makes you over qualified to have a rational debate with him and most of his followers, as none at the time of writing has had the sense to query such and absurd and unfounded claim, some even appear to support him!


  1. Goddard seems to be everywhere. He's even helping other blogs.


  2. Funny thing is that the suggests you "read Lucia's take down " and when you do you find that they made a mistake and the chances of the current heat wave occurring naturally is actually one in many thousands.

    Tamino looks at all the credible ways of calculating the odds of the US heatwave being a natural even - and basically it almost certainly wasn't;

    1. i've seen figures from NASA, you know where that hanson and his hockeystick come from, that show the last 10 years has not warmed. want me to give you a link? well if you got half a brain you will find it yourself. open your eyes.

    2. another thing, if its true what you say about of odds of this heatwave occuring naturally in the US being 'one in many thousands', then tell us exactly how many 'thousands' please? this non-exact figures spewed out by AGW 'scientists' and fanboys is hilarious. it does your argument no favors at all. facts, not assumptions please.

      being a decent student in mathmatics i can tell you that whatever the odds, it doesnt mean it cannot happen. like a straight flush in texas hold'em poker, very rare, i got 4 this last month. that you assume it is AGW is again, hilarious. prove it. computer modelling does not cut it in any other field of science, why does it in AGW? it doesnt. 'rubbish goes in, rubbish comes out'.

      how can you just dismiss the science of paleoclimatology? look up the ironically named 'carboniferous period'. todays mean temp is 10 degrees centergrade, back then a whopping 25 with far more co2 in the atmosphere. dinasaurs must have had an industrial revolution right? explain this. life depends on co2 for its existence and life 'exploded' in this period.
      german research, peer reviwed and all, concludes the 'medieval' and 'roman' periods were also warmer than the present day. explain this. according to AGW science this just could not be true. or is it?

      i am about to embark on an educational journey that will see me as a paleoclimatologist. you know, the real climate science.

      i remember the heatwaves we used to have here, melbourne australia, when i was growing up. they would last up to 2 weeks of above 35 degrees centergrade (up to 45). these days they last 3 days at most and its been only 20 years. our last summer was our worst in memory, not because it was hot but because it wasnt. it also rained more than i remember it ever raining during summer. all this happened after being told by AGW alarmists that our drought would -never- end (el nino was to blame) and that we would see an increase in temperatures. now try tell me it was cooler and it actually rained because it was global warming, i dare you, you cant have it both ways. just like they are now saying the northern hemisphere winters are colder because of it. really? what a friggen joke. you guys are betting on both football teams, you cant lose can you?

    3. i forgot to add that this summers weather is attributed to 'la nina', a phenomenon known of well before the AGW scam.

      its a scam, there was a book published in 1993 (the name of and link can be found if you look through andrew bolts blog on the 'herald-sun' website, i'm not doing for you) that includes the talk of using the global warming science to give mankind a 'common enemy', ourselves. the 'roman club' is a commitee of the UN, its all about taxation and politics, not friggen science.

    4. The last ten years have not warmed? Not that a 10 year trend is particularly significant in a climate system that has a longer solar cycle;


      Open YOUR eyes!