Steve Goddard Calls It Right!

Having been censored and banned - though intermittently I have got a post through - from the Orwellian named Real Science, I decided to look at what if anything the not so good Mr Goddard had to say about such things and to my surprise he calls the practice  of censorship correct;

Refusal To Debate : Symptom Of A Liar

 He apparently believes in defending free speech, (but only when it is him who is speaking), and bitterly complains about blogs he believes have a policy of censorship, here and here.

So now we can all agree that not only is the person going by the name of Steve Goddard and Liar but a hypocrite .


  1. He also has a terrible habit of pointing out natural disasters in the past that killed thousands of people and somehow thinks that the death toll is directly related to how strong a storm is.

    He's apparently never thought of the fact that people didn't have adequate warning or knowledge of those things back then, or adequate construction.

  2. I know. He does that sort of thing all the time. So oft in fact it is hardly worth commenting about it. I just hope only the idiots fawning over him in the comments think that sort of stuff has merit.