Northern Hemisphere’s shifting curve.

Steve Goddard and others are having a hard time deflecting attention from climate change with the weather extremes that are occurring around the world this year and people are starting to notice. They have been scouring the records to find a headline to mislead with. Here is an example for the Orwellian 'Real Science'; 'US Summers Getting Cooler Since 1895', and it even comes with a graph to prove it;

This certainly indicates a decline in the summer temps shown so how can there be more climate extremes now? The answer is in the graphs title, 'Summer Maximum Temperatures' and I was going to do a long post on it but when I found it has been explained rather well over at 'uknowispeaksense', I thought plagiarism is so much easier than origionality so I will let them take up the story;

I’ve already had one commenter in here point out a bunch of cherrypicked individual high temperature records from all sorts of places and from different times and asking me how there can be new extremes as reported by James Hansen if these records haven’t been broken. Of course Hansen’s data is dealing in average temperatures not indivdual records. As the average temperatures increase the bell curve shifts to the right indicating that on average, extreme highs will increase and extreme lows decrease. Without bothering to check the credibility of the data that suggests that in Seville, Spain on August 4, 1881 it was 122 degrees F, and assuming it is correct, my question is, so what? We are not dealing with individual time points here, we are dealing with decadal averages. That said, here’s the thing, average global temperatures are rising. That fact is indisputable. That also means maximum temperature anomalies and outliers will continue to be superceded. It is inevitable. Continuing to try and muddy the waters with erroneous outliers just demonstrates how desperate deniers are to hang on to their evermore untenable positions. It is sad.

Here is a page with some excellent graphics. The first, showing the increasing number of “hot” and “very hot” summers in the northern hemisphere and the second, the graphic highlighting the shift to the right.

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